[Solved]Character movement with button touch

Hello there,

I am having trouble with the character movement by touching a button.

What I want to achieve is to make the character move when the button is touched.

When the button is no longer touched, the character should stop.

This last thing is difficult to achieve.

In practice the character moves when touching the button, but when the button is released, the character continues to move.

Only when I touch a spot elsewhere on the screen, the character stops.

I have tried many different set-ups with:

The cursor/touch is on button
Touch or Left mouse button is down
Trigger once

But I cannot seem to get it work properly.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

Can you believe it, I actually found the answer right after posting this topic.

And I’ve been messing with it for days already.

All I needed to do was to remove the inverted “Cursor/touch is on button” condition linked with the action of stopping the animation of the character…

puedes dar un ejemplo. yo tengo el mismo problema, el juego en el pc va perfecto pero al pasarlo al movil al tocar la flecha de correr empieza y no para de correr. gracias por tu atencion