[solved]Character position after scene change

Okay so i have a top down game with 2 scenes and im struggling to get my character to be in infront of the door when he goes back to scene one, it resets everything, i have read other forums but i dont understand, im fairly new to gdevelop and its part of my assignment which has a nearby deadline of next week, i need a visual of a code which puts my character in front of the door without resetting everything, there is only one door which connects both rooms.

Save the character x and y in global variables when it it in front of the door, changing scenes. When returning to scene, change character pos to the global variables x and y. That should do it.

Have you tried the pause scene and go back to previous scene actions?

no i haven’t tried it before, but i did now and it worked, thank you

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ill keep this in mind for the future, i appreciate having multiple options