[Solved] Click 1 sprite without deleting others?

Hello community,

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this. I’m still a noob at this, so apologies.

  1. My game is for desktop. So, I have 3 square sprites… x2 copied from the original (if that makes sense… Ctrl+drag x2), so all 3 sprites have same name properties.
  2. I written some code: Touch or Left mouse button is down | Delete []Sprite.

I want player to click one sprite and it will delete (and reveal something behind… like hide the cup).

BUT WHAT’S HAPPENING IS … All the sprites delete on one click on any of the squares.
Q: does each square need an instance variable?


Hi, you need another condition, so that it is clear which sprite should be deleted. There is a “The cursor/touch is on an object”-condition that should work for you.

Magic - Thanks @Drona


With any event, you always need “trigger once” as a condition if you only want it to occur once until the conditions apply again.

Put all of the event conditions and actions into the same event, add a trigger once condition, and it should work fine.