[Solved, click on the reaction in the welcome channel on Discord] Discord Needs A Little Rework

Hey guys, hope all is well. Don’t mean to sound snarky when I ask, but anyone else think the Discord channel is a bit…non existing? Be great to speak & connect with you all on an instance basis & also assist one another. I’m down for making the channel stronger.

Buenas, personalmente tienes razón, pero las personas que conforman la comunidad y “admins” de Gdevelop creo que son conscientes de ese factor, solo que no es su prioridad (por ahora), por ello realizaron hace no mucho tiempo realizaron el Evento de Gdevelop Jam #1, que fue un periodo que se valoro bastante actividad (Comparada a la Normalmente), pero ten en cuenta, que usan la gran mayoría de gente como “chat” este foro, para preguntar, responder u otro ya que es bien cómodo el sistema que esta montado :v

The discord is very well existing and active, I am not sure what you are talking about.

@ElementerTheDragon This is an english speaking forum. If you want to speak spanish please use the spanish forums: #es

Hmm…are you on a different discord than the official GDevelop discord? :thinking:

The official discord has had over ~120 messages in the last 8 hours on just the general channel. The english help channel has had a couple hundred, the WIP channel has around 30, and that channel has a multi-hour cooldown for posts. Each other channel has had dozens of posts today alone.

Other discords aren’t maintained or connected with this forum.

My bad I’m an idiot loll, didn’t hit the check at the bottom of the Welcome channel this whole time loll. Sorry bout that guys :sweat_smile:


Just, i go and sleep 5 years…