(Solved) Collisions without Physics?

RN I’m using the bounce extension but for obvious reasons that’s not very helpful.
any other ideas?

FYI I’m using Boids so physics for some reason stops the AI from working.

Can you provide some more info. What are you trying to do? What are the objects.

Behaviors don’t play well with each other. They all apply their own forces. Sometimes permanent but normally instant. So, one behavior applies one force then the other changes or cancels out the movement. It’s like trying to get a train to follow a path while it’s already on its own tracks.

I don’t think any of those behaviors will work at the same time on the same object.

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I just realized separate existed lol…

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For anybody here who still wants to use the physics system with pathfinding, it should be noted that you can extract the next position in the path and add force or velocity in that direction. I use it in my game and it works really well. Another option is to add force forward and try to turn toward the path. It’s better suited for rockets and that sort. (First post so please tell me anything I should correct) :wink:

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