[Solved] Color problems with the resource bar continuous

Hello! I found a bug in gdevelop that concerns the Resource Bar continuous.

In the editor it looks like this:
Screenshot 2023-11-16 183912

Screenshot 2023-11-16 183934
I have no idea why but it is pink. A half fix for this is deleting it and making a new one, but if you try to change anything in the object (Like trying to change the value, thats what I did). It reverts itself back to pink? Any help would be appreciated.

Never mind, I fixed the solution, It was that the max number value was too high. Sorry for posting about this, you can delete it, or just ignore it.

I’m glad it’s working. Purple sometimes means a texture is missing. If it happens again make sure all of the textures are showing. The object usually changes to an X in the editor. If your issue is solved, it helps others if you add [solved] to the title. Click the pencil.


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Thanks! I’m new to the forums. I will put solved in the post now!

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Thanks and welcome to the forum.

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