[Solved] Command-W (on a mac)

When running a preview, if I press cmd-w (on a mac)… ideally the preview window should close, but the message get sent to the project I’m working on behind and closes that.

Hi @tas509,
Thanks for taking the time to report this.
That’s really inconvenient indeed but I never noticed it!
This will be fixed in the next release (See Add possibility to close preview window with Cmd/Ctrl + W by AlexandreSi · Pull Request #5088 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub).
Thanks again

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Using the latest version and it doesn’t work… File menu blinks, nothing happens.

Oh damn you’re right. Sorry for the false green light.
I had to change a thing in the code but I didn’t realize I removed the feature I had just added.
I’ll look into it

Just so you’re aware, the addition I did (mentioned above) prevents from executing the GDevelop shortcuts (Cmd+W, Cmd+Q, …) when focusing on the preview window so that one can use those shortcuts in their game without closing GDevelop or the project when testing in the preview window.

Ah ok… makes complete sense, might be worth somehow flagging it (no idea how)… head scratcher :slight_smile:

Ok, so here is my new PR to enable the closing of the preview window with the shortcut set by the user to “Close the project”