[Solved](Community extension) description is ignoring new lines

Hi, as the title says, all community extensions that are merged with GDevelop have their description ignoring newlines, for example my extension “Make it rain” here is how it shows the description:

while in the editor, here is how I wrote the description:

I mentioned (community extensions) because this issue does not apply to the reviewed extensions’ description, such as:

I believe the issue is happening to community extension only because below the description they have the warning box which maybe is blocking or messing with the description:

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There should be no reason for that box to interfere with markdown rendering. I think you might just not be writing in the correct syntax. Make sure for the bullet list that you have a space before and after the minus.

That’s not the issue, the entire Newline is being ignored with or without a bullet list.

For example:
i write:
this extension is about
saving X
and save Y

how it will show:
Hello this extension is about saving X and save Y

That’s normal in markdown. There are no new lines in it - only paragraphs. To make a new paragraph, at least two consecutive new lines are needed, a single one is never displayed. Except in a proper bullet list.


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What about this one ? How it’s written like that

and shown like that:

A new empty line before the bullet can do this ?
Because in this one, there is no space before the -

The space before the bullet, unlike the one after the bullet, is not necessary and just a stylistic best practice. Hence why I marked the “and after” in italic in my message since that is the important part.

Continuing this discussion is pointless anyways - before complaining that markdown is not working, try to learn it :wink:

Typing random things while vaguely looking at how others do it and getting upset at other people that it doesn’t do what you expect won’t change the rules of markdown :sweat_smile:

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I wasn’t complaining about the markdown, what the heck I didn’t even know about the markdown <.>

I thought it’s an issue with the text itself.

Everything is clear now, Thanks <3

Extension descriptions are in markdown, as the field name suggests:

Hence why I suggest you look at a tutorial for markdown to understand how it is supposed to work

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I understand that the user experience is still confusing. I think we could at least have a way to see a preview of the description/of the extension dialog, so you can quickly catch these issues as an extension creator?

Like even myself I get caught by this markdown “feature” from time to time, so maybe the solution is having a preview.

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That would be EPIC !
Indeed, we can’t see how it looks a like while writing the description, you only see the results after the extension getting merged with GDevelop, and then you try to install it.

As a workaround, currently I am using this website:

But would love to see a preview in the same place while writing the description :heart:.

A good solution myabe is to integrate a simple wysiwyg editor like itch.io