[Solved] Connection issues in the engine

My project won’t save because GDevelop says there’s a connection issue.
On the home page, the Guided Lessons won’t load, neither will the tutorials and “learn” page. News and announcements won’t show, the asset store also won’t load.
I can still log in, but my project won’t save in the cloud, only on my computer.

These issues happen both in the browser and desktop versions of the engine.
My internet connection is fine, I can assure you this much. (Even tested it in multiple wi-fi connections to no avail)

Anyone might know what could be causing this?
Example image of the problem (I’m limited to one image only)

There was an AWS outage earlier that took down some of GDevelop’s infrastructure, can you try again now to see if that’s what the problem was? (In which case, it is fixed and we are looking into potentially adding redundancy to our infrastructure to avoid being affected by such issues in the future)

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It seems like it went back to normal, yes