[Solved] Console Error while debugging my game

I open a console window to debug my game and I get two error that I don’t understand because I didn’t parse anything.

What does this log means?.
Thank you very much in advance.

are you using the pixelate effect for a layer?
could you post layer effects and scripts that can mess with layer effects?

No, I’m not using the pixelate effect in any of my layers. Only a lighting layer for three lamps in one of the scenes.
I don’t use scripts in this game.
My game starts correctly and some minutes later it crashes and I don’t know why.

I believe those are just warning/notification messages, and don’t affect your game. I think they’re more aimed at the GDevelop creators.

Is it a way to control bugs to make Gdevelop more stable?.
Is that what you mean?.
I thought that they were errors of my game.
Thank you for the info.

The answer is in this thread:

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Thank you very much.
I will search for the cause of my game’s crashing by other means.
Memory related crash maybe?.