[Solved] Contribute to the Asset Store?

Hi, is it possible to contribute to the Asset Store? I have a bunch of free (CC0) assets I’d be happy to contribute if possible.

Here you can see how to contribute to the asset store and other.

As of now, there is no infrastructure in place to submit assets. Maybe you can try to get in touch with @4ian, as afaik he is the only one with access to the GDevelop services where the assets are, so he may be able to add them.

Jamie feel free to send me a private message on the forum or by email.
For now I’ve not set up a complete way to send assets because I wanted to wait for feedbacks about the asset store… but seems that people definitely like it!

If you send me your resources, I’ll take a look at them and could maybe integrate them, while we build in the future a way to submit things and have a review from moderators :slight_smile:

Hi @4ian, I’ll get the assets together and make them available to you. Thanks for getting back to me.

We need moderation to make sure the content is SFW, but how do we make sure that the assets are CC0 (or similar)? :confused:
We can ask for source URL but users can claim that they made the assets themselves.

If you are asking about my specific assets, I have created them myself and released them under the CC0 license. Here is one of the packs I have released for reference. Platform Game Tile Set Pack - Free by Jamie Cross


Moderators can also do a reverse image search to check efficiently for stolen content. For the worst case, we can have a ToS saying that the uploader is responsible in case of content stealing or license disrespect, ban the user doing that, take down the assets and send an email to all users warning that the asset is copyrighted and shouldn’t be used anymore.

Submissions definitely need to go through some sort of moderation, automating this process could be a mistake. If 4ian busy, there should be other trusted members involved in the decision making to allow content to the store.
In search engines like Bing, now it is possible to search with image to confirm if an image is indeed available free online or not available anywhere aka “original work”.
In case of assets available free online, an URL to original work must be provided.
In case of original work claimed to be made available for GD asset store only, the author should be asked to provide a URL to a personal, portfolio site and use real civilian name and include that in description of assets or force the author to make the assets available online on free hosting sites like itch.io, opengameart…etc and provide that URL as source to avoid any responsibility for hosting any copyrighted content.

Also have to have a report functionality in place obviously, if anyone report an asset as stolen, the asset should get hidden immediately and looked at by a moderator and I think a URL must be included in the report to confirm the asset is stolen, not free…etc. Then the person submitted the asset should have a chance given to provide evidence he/she is the original author and if he/she decided maybe to share the asset with GD community free. Ban people only if they fail to provide evidence the asset is free or they are the original authors and they consciously provided false info at the time of submission (need to consider also if it was a genuine mistake, may allow 1 time only second time ban).

It is also a good idea to require people to login in to an account to download/submit assets, in a way add them to their own accounts so then it is more simple to push alerts out to people if an asset should not be used and remove assets from account of people to avoid any further responsibility in case of stolen assets found.

It could also be stated the assets from the asset store is free to use with GD only, even if the license clearly allow free use anywhere, the statement to be used with GD only should be included in my opinion to be not subject of any claims for compensation in case someone use it outside GD but the GD asset store was mentioned as the original source.

Allow people to submit staff to asset store is not an easy subject, very complicated for sure both legally and technically.


Another problem may be storage space. We cannot store too much assets, should we limit to a certain amount of data every user? Should submitting assets be reserved to users with a paid plan?

How about access to certain assets or all assets submitted would be available to subscribers only? So there could be Kenney assets available free to everyone to download from the store and all other assets require a subscription.
Submission would be free. I think few TB storage is not so expensive now days assets submitted by people could be something available for €2 tier and explain that it is for storage space. But then people submitting their assets could argue that how come 4ian is making money from the assets they provide and they don’t? Not sure how to go about that. But hoping people understand €2 is barely cover storage, and calling it maybe “support” and “contribution” it could be something worth a try to make anything people submit is available to subscribers only make only Kenny and certain selected assets free.

Paying to get access to the store makes a lot more sense, then paying to be able to contribute assets to the store.

The idea is great. But, it makes no sense to pay if they can get the same art somewhere else from the same author for free. Unless they want it to get it with ease without downloading it. And less people will contribute if they will need to pay for using there own art from the store and if only people with the subscription can only use it. And restricting something that is newly added will bring hate and restricting it later will also be bad.

The only idea I am getting is restricting the contributions and filtering them like:

  • If the asset is orginal
  • If the file size is below ___
  • If the assets includes animation, the total file size should be below ___
  • If the asset is free to use

The way I see it, it is not really about getting the art but it is about convenience, getting access to the asset store and being able to import assets with a click of a button. Knowing 4ian I am sure he would like to have some sort of free version of this available, so this is why I was proposing to give Kenney and maybe some other selected assets free and grant access to all other assets to subscribers only.

I know it is sounds ridiculous in a way, but hosting assets require storage and to query the data of storage require bandwidth and CPU which cost money especially in case we are talking about large amount of data and bandwidth as the asset store and user base browsing the asset store grow.
I am almost certain 4ian would like to avoid putting it behind a pay wall, but hosting also cost certain amount of money, so in case it would ever be an obstacle as user base and asset store content grow, paying to get access to certain areas of the store could be one (or the only?) way to go about it really.

Of course then authors could argue how come their free asset is locked behind a pay wall yet they make no money, if this argument ever comes up, the solution I am proposing is to call it “support” and “contribution” toward GDevelop, the community and the asset store maybe. Not sure what is the best way to go about this really. Obvious answer is to offer revenue share to authors, but then it means 4ian need to turn the asset store and GD in to a commercial project and business. Not sure if 4ian has such plans. Most likely it is not relevant at all, he plan to keep the asset store free to all for now. I’m only sharing ideas in case he plan to change this :+1:

I think maybe we should do it the same as the other expensive services: we put a cap that can be put higher via subscriptions. A user would be able to download and upload a certain amount of assets or a certain amount of megabytes per day. For example, 200 downloads and 5 uploads a day, or 500 mb download and 50mb upload a day. A subscription would make it 500 downloads/1GB download and 20 uploads/200mb upload for example.


May I throw 2 cents in here? What if one distribute their assets by defining a json file, online, which will have the library metadata and the list of assets? This way, me (as developer) would add an assets lib url to my project and they would be read directly from the web with no liability to GDevelop.


Another way might be to make the contributer choose if the asset should be paid or not. And also add a limit to how much assets can be contributed per month and also add a rule that at least 3 of them should be paid.

The problem with that is that it would not have any moderation and could cause libraries of nsfw or of copyrighted assets to emerge, which would be bad for younger users and people making games as they wouldn’t know that they were lied to about the license and cannot actually use them :confused: .

Yes, it is a good idea. Makes more sense to limit the amount of data instead of what I was proposing to limit access to the assets. Also one flaw in my idea is that people could subscribe download everything on one go and then unsubscribe. If there is a cap on data/day it could solve this too. :+1:

The problem with this is that the content the json file points to could change or removed overtime and it would lead to a mess in the asset store, someone need to constantly monitor all the links if it still valid to avoid a broken and useless asset store. There is also security issues with relying on 3rd party hosting a content. It is better if you host everything you need so you have full control.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t solve the original problem of hosting cost money. Even if someone choose an asset to be free, it is still cost money to host that single asset, so even if you would force an author to make at least 3 or a random number of assets to be paid in the store it would be uncertain if those paid assets cover the costs of the free ones. Probably not since there always be more free users than subscribers and free assets will always be more often downloaded than paid.

Personally I really like arthuro555’s suggestion. Could work, makes sense. :+1:

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I think we should first ask 4ian what resources he has and what he needs for this, before we discuss concrete plans, prices and restrictions for up or downloaders.
Even very small servers or hosting packages have several GB of storage and with that you can host a looot of 7KB images.
If really necessary okay, but maybe we can do it without barriers. Paywalls for free assets is not what beginners are looking for, the most GD users earn nothing with their games.
Let it be tested with a file or size limit and we will see if the already existing space is enough. We will see how large the upload interest is and if it will be flooded with nonsense.

Very good point, @4ian what is your opinion on this so far?