[Solved] Copy/Paste doesn't change the Selection properties


Tiny bug: when you copy and past an item, it’s shown as selected, but the “Properties” view still show the previous object properties.

Repro steps:

  • Add an object on the top left on the Scene
  • Copy it
  • Move your mouse to the bottom right of the Scene
  • Paste
  • See that the X/Y position has not changed

I think this is as expected as pasting doesn’t select the new object, it stays with the original.

Does the scene editor change the highlight of the original and pasted objects to indicate the pasted one is now selected and the original is not?

I just wrote that the new item is shown as selected :smile: so yes, the highlight change.

Hmm… I actually wonder if it is a highlight problem rather than a selection problem.

Either way, still a problem, so thanks for reporting.

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I can’t tell.

Tbh i think it should show the new one as selected (as it is already) and change the properties view.

Btw the bug only shows with my repro steps. If you use Ctrl+Drag to duplicate, it works as described.

I’ll have a look, the properties panel should always show the properties of the selected instance on the canvas.
Thanks for reporting that bug!


This will be fixed by Update properties panel after paste or duplication of instances by AlexandreSi · Pull Request #5171 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub