[Solved] Copy variables to another project

I want to remake my game, how to copy all the variables(global variable) that I used to another project?
Its possible to copy paste the objects in scene to another project but how about the variables?

(Snipped original post as Gruk has a solution below)

Simply go to the variable editor, highlight your variables (Ctrl key for several lines), click Copy, change project, open the variable editor, click Paste.

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This doesn’t work for me. :thinking:

Edit: Ah, it doesn’t like bringing over structure variables with sub-structures, which is why it doesn’t work for me.

I had tried that (pasted Bulk and Variable).

Do you have many levels of structures?

Nope. I’m just full on wrong. I’m not used to the ability to collapse structures, and they pasted the substructures collapsed for me.

GDevelop actively has something most other engines don’t, in this regard. :smile:

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