[Solved] Creating Tags above summons

Hi! In my game the player can eventually summon things like turrets/dogs. Some feedback was to add tags so they’re more visibly on the battlefield. Everything is running as expected but if I summon 2 of the same object, all the tags go to 1 summon.

Here is a photo of the turrets, The “put turrettag around turret” is the issue. I’m curious how I would set it up so each tag is linked to each turret when created? Thanks :slight_smile:

In your screen snip, it appears that you are creating a turretTag every frame. What you should be doing is creating the turretTag object when you create the turret, either as an action straight after the turret is created, or as a sub event after the create turret event.

When you do this, link the turretTag to the turret (here’s the wiki page on how to link two objects).

The second line from the above screen snip should be a subevent of a Repeat for all instances of turret objects event, with the condition that you get all turretTags linked to the turret.

Also, I don’t think moving turret away from turret does anything. I assume you’re doing this to stop turrets from overlapping. However, this is a problem that’s been discussed many-a-time on this forum. You may want to do a search on how to best achieve this (here’s one such thread).

Ahhh i thought there might be a link objects somewhere, just had to search harder! Regardless thanks again MrMen it’s working great :slight_smile: