[SOLVED] Cursor Functionality for Menu Screen

HI! So. I’m currently trying to make it so that when I press the “RShift” key, my cursor changes Y position, but when I press it again, it switches back to the original. I’ve been able to get it to change to the desired Y position, but I’m struggling to find a way to make it switch back.

The only thing I can figure is utilizing a Boolean variable, but I don’t know enough about them to give it that functionality.

Here is my current code:

As always, any and all help would be appreciated!

EDIT: I’m not sure I explained it that well before, but essentially I want to make it so that pressing the RShift key moves the cursor down by a certain amount, then pressing it AGAIN moves it back to its original position, essentially making a closed circuit system that looks like this:


You have half of it perfect

Anyway best way to do it is remove Rshift key pressed from both of your events
Remove action where onStart is set to true

Now add new event and put there RShift key pressed
Add to it trigger once

And in action put TOGGLE boolean variable onStart

NOT SET to false or true but TOGGLE

And now RShift will toggle state while in that 2 events you specify what should happen in each state

BTW just a side note
In your screenshot you are not switching onStart variable back to false so it it is always true

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You are a LIFESAVER! It works perfectly now!