[Solved] Cursor has left an object

How do I condition that a cursor was previously on an object and it is no longer on that object.

One way I can think is that I create a variable that stores which instance the cursor is on and if the cursor is not on the object and has in its stored variable the instance name of said object then it is a check that cursor has left the object - but I am sure there is an easier way already pre-built in.

What are you trying to do in your project that makes you want that information?

There’s no “cursor left object” condition in GDevelop, so as you mentioned using a variable is the way to go.

Store the name of the object if all the objects are different. If there are instances of the same object, then use a number variable “ID”.

Ok - I can do that.

How do I mark this as resolved?

Just edit the title and add [Solved]. I already updated it.

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