[Solved] Deactivate/activate behaviors from a group

I have like 200 objects in the same group.
They all have pathfinding obstacle
I have a variable attached to all of them
If it is a certain thing, they should not be obstacles, if it isn’t they should be.

It should work but then GDevelop pulls a “Your group does not have this behavior.” Yeah, but all the objects in it do! And I checked, you can’t add a behavior to a group!

GDevelop was great at making groups so versatile, you could do stuff to all the objects, some, you could save some objects in the group to apply things later to them even if you select the whole group in the code.

And then this happens.

I’m on the most recent version, I just got the newest version and it’s amazing, but this sucks. PLEASE GDevelop fix, I can’t think of any way around this!

I double checked, it was painfully boring, but yes all the objects have the same behavior and even the same values in the behavior.

Huh? I made a new group for testing with just 2 of those objects and it worked. Do I ACTUALLY have to go through all the objects and look again through them all? ughhh

NVM yeah one of the 200ish was missing the behavior wow I solved this on my own.

This time though instead of being dumb and manually scrolling through them all which not only is SO boring and slow, but also isn’t completely accurate as I can and have missed things, I just used the find feature.