[SOLVED] Delete Storage Not Working

I’m pretty sure this is a bug because it was working yesterday, prior to the latest update.

The Delete storage action isn’t deleting the storage. I currently have a button only set to be active when a boolean in storage is set to true. When I clear the storage, it’s still registering the button as active. It’s also not clearing out other variables in the same storage, such as string and number variables.

(I’ve never posted in the Bugs area before, please let me know if I’m missing something!)

Thank you!

As a workaround you could save same variable with SOME value to that group and storage names
And check if that variable is at some value you set instead of checking if storage exist

I’m not entirely sure what you mean but I’m not checking if storage exists so much as when I go to load the scene it’s loading strings and numerical variables that should’ve been cleared when I deleted the storage.

For additional context: I’m working on my ‘start new game’ and ‘continue’ buttons for my main menu. And when they start a new game I want it to delete the storage so they can start over.

(Although I’m not sure if deleting storage just clears the information or sets them back to default. So in the case of string & number variables they’d get cleared but I’m not sure about booleans.)

Either way, it’s not doing anything when the delete storage action is used.

I can try later today after work to replicate it in another project to share if that’s needed!

OK so deleting storage does not work

How about this
You save to storage string variable of your world name

Imagine player sets name of new world create to HomeWorld

YOu want to be able to delete that save from storage but storage deletion do not work

SO as work around instead of delete storage
Save empty string or a string with just one space and for player it would look like it is world with new name

Do you get it?

Instead of deleting storage set variables you save to default values

Could you post a screenshot of your delete storage and load from storage events? If there is a bug. It should be reported but it should be verified first. Sometimes you can be 100% sure your code is flawless but then notice that you had a lower case z instead of a capital Z. Or maybe the event isn’t being triggered for some reason.

Okay now I’m definitely confused. I just made a little test project and a bunch of test variables in a structure.
There’s text boxes set to display the value of the variable.
Click a button to change the variables & text boxes update.
Click a different button to save the values into storage.
Button to clear the text fields. Button to Load storage, which updates the text fields to display what was saved.
But if i clear the text fields, delete storage, and then load it… it’s loading what was saved in storage.

So… I think I understand that deleting storage doesn’t reset the values, that has to be done manually. But if you delete storage and then try to load it, shouldn’t it load 0’s or nothing at all since it was deleted? It shouldn’t still return those variables’ values because it was deleted and there’s nothing in storage TO return… right?

Here’s what it looks like in the test project…

Update: here’s a video of it in action too https://va.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_s7y9btFOy01ylyyyi.mp4

This makes sense, thank you! I didn’t realize deleting storage didn’t reset the variables, so this seems like something I was going to have to do eventually anyway :pensive:



If the storage doesn’t exist then it’s not changing TempLoad Try setting that variable to nothing as well with the blue button.

That did the trick! I put with the delete storage action (edit: oops hit enter too soon)

For the resetting the variables what I think I’ll do is save all of the variables necessary in a different storage group. I can call it ‘Reset’ or something. And then when I need to reset them I just load that storage!

Thanks for all your help! I’ll go ahead and change the title for this (and edit my post in the how-to to link back to here in case anyone else comes across it for the same issue.)

Thanks again! :smiley:

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