[Solved] Event Group and Comment popup menu

If you right click the text in a comment or event group caption a popup menu flashes for like 1 frame. I don’t know if the menu is supposed to remain hidden or become visible. The common action of right clicking text would give you the standard [cut] [copy] [paste] menu.


Are you using the latest version? On Windows?
In the Web app, a right-click disables text entry and shows the standard right-click menu (to add new events and such).

I’m using the current version for Windows but it’s behaved this was for a while. The popup menu flashes quickly if you click the text inside the [comment] and [event group] events. The menu never stays open.

Honestly, I don’t think they meant for the menu to appear. Normally for text, the popup is usually small with only copy, cut and past. It’s not preventing me from doing anything. I can use [ctrl] c and v.

This happens only if group you right click is already in fast edit mode
Which mean you double left clicked it first and now you are able to type anything on keyboard to change it name
If you click on anything else to exit fast edit mode and right click that group then pop up menu won’t disappear

And yes this does seems to be a bug because you do not exit fast edit on right click

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Hi this will be/should be fixed in the next release.