SOLVED: Events/Objects Broken Upon Moving to External

Hey All,

I’ve been spending the last couple days learning Gdevelop by creating a player text input element. It has a speech bubble that increases in width according to the player input, a character limit, a “select all” event, and an “enter input” event. Once everything was wrapped up and I was mostly satisfied, I moved the events to an external event and the objects to an external layout.

When I had only the events loaded into my scene from an external event, and the objects were still native to the scene, they behaved as expected. However, when I move those same objects to an external layout and then create objects from external layout upon the beginning of my scene, much of what I’ve configured seems to be broken.

For example (and likely the main problem), many objects that are supposed to be hidden at the beginning of the scene are visible, despite the external event dictating to hide the objects at scene start. If I move those scene start events from the external event to the scene events, they still remain visible.

The speech bubble still increases in width, the character limit still works, and the input entry (return key) still works.

What am I doing wrong?

APOLOGIES: I think I found the answer just as I posted this. It looks like, because I’m creating objects from external layout at the beginning of the scene, it is overriding the hide action I have in the same event. I think I can fix this by creating a new event.

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