[Solved] Falling from a "jump Through" platform

Hi, I need some help with the FSM mechanics, where should I get off a “jump through” platform. My old mechanic worked perfectly as I wanted, see the video below.

But with the FSM adaptation, I’m not able to do the same programming as I was, see:

Can someone help me? It doesn’t necessarily need to have a “crouch” animation, it can go directly to “fall”.

The programming I used before the FSM was this:

PLEASE NOTE that I did not disable the platform behavior, because if there were enemies or other characters on top of the platform, everyone would fall. This is logical! So I used force to move the character as he jumped.

EDIT: OK, after a while of trying, I got it, but I still can’t make the animation flow.

Try this change the force to be instant instead of permanent, sometimes if an object has permanent force applied never stops later

I got it. I used the same code posted above, only in the method call I did: