[Solved] Fire Bullet Extension Problem: Has just fired condition, dosen't work

When I was making the events for my new boss, I saw that there was a condition that would trigger if the boss just fired something. So, when I tried using that condition with trigger only once and the action, play a sound. When the boss fired the bullet, it played no sound. I am confused because this condition can help me when the boss moves to the next phase, there is a chance the next phase sound can overlap the fire sound. Any help would be nice, and I also made sure I updated gdevelop and the extension.

Can you post your events? It works for me.
Note: The character or weapon gets the fire behavior not the bullet.
So, it’s the player who just fired not the bullet.

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Here it is

I also did it without the trigger once condition and it still doesn’t work. I did a work around, so I don’t need it, but I am confused why it doesn’t work, also I update the extension and updated gdevelop.

Also, I tried changing the sound file to various types ogg, acc, etc.

Are you playing multiple sounds? You can try to use play sound on channel and set different sounds to different channels.

Try putting another action on the event like a debug print so you can check if the event is being triggered. When debugging, I like to put simple things like rotating an object or another visual action.

When I was looking for the sound file to change it back to wav, I accidently opened it up by the folder and when I played the scene again, it worked for some reason. And now when I open it from my projects, it now works, this is very odd. No idea how it worked like that, but it did. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I guess all’s well that ends well. :laughing:

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