(Solved) Flip text objects

I would like to be able to flip text.
Partly because I’m playing around with a game which will be reflected from the screen through a mirror when running. This will mirror the image (which is not a big problem). The problem is that all text objects will be unreadable.

So, instead of requesting an effect to flip the whole game-image at the rendering stage I think there is more use in being able to flip text.

(The most useful thing would be to be able to rotate all kinds of object along either the horizontal/verical midpoint and create an effect of spinning.)

You can flip objects vertically and horizontally in the events. I am not sure it works with texts because i have never tried it.

To my knowledge you can’t flip text.

Add a Tween to the Text Object and play with the Tween animations.

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I actually found a way to do it! And it was super easy! Just change the scale on the X axis to -1.