[SOLVED] Font problem (different project x preview)

I’m currently having an unusual problem with a new font I’m trying to use on my GDevelop game.
This never happened before, I actually have about 6 different fonts on my project, and they all work just fine.
But now, I’ve decided to create my own font to put in my game, but this error appeared.

On the left, is my actual font being shown on the project manager (I actually just made a font with the custom A, B and C to test, maybe this is the problem? I don’t know). On the right, this is how it’s showing when I preview the game. As you can see, the project recognizes the custom font I made, but when I launch the preview, it goes back to the original GDevelop font.

I noticed some people already had this same problem, but couldn’t find a solution. Any guesses? :smiley:

Did you move your font file after you picked it? Check the Resources tab to confirm that the file is okay.
Are you using the new Bitmap Text object? If not, try it.

I managed to solve this. Apparently, it was an error caused in the font I created. Now it’s all good. Thanks!