[SOLVED] Footsteps depending on material

If I try using this code:

nothing happens.
So is touching floor not a collision? And how can I fix that?

Is on floor doesn’t count as collision, but it shouldn’t matter since you also have the other condition with collision in your subevent.

So keeping in mind animations start at number 0, and frames also start at frame 0, are you sure you want animation 1 and frame 4, not animation 0 and frame 3?

I’m all fine with the animations, but is there a way to check what kind of object the player is standing on?

What you have right now should work fine, and I can get it working in the platformer example. Do you by chance have a separate hitbox object different than SeriousSam that has the Platform character behavior?

“Is on floor” only works if it is the platform character.

This setup works for me in the platformer example.

No, I don’t have any objects that serve as hitboxes.

I see one solution, I would only need to add the hitbox for the player.