[Solved] For each instance of an object

So i am trying to create a preserve jar but the problem i am facing is that when i create multiple instances of the jar it just creates the claimable randomly between the objects

Try the Pick All instances Condition

If you have a problem with the creation of something, at least show a screen shot of the events that are related. We can’t really help, otherwise. There is no event action in the screen shot that creates an object.

If you have no idea of what the issue is, then please don’t throw a random and useless comment into the thread. The forum is here to help, not create confusion.

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What do you mean by claimable? I see you have a left and right button. Are they for selecting a jar?

A picture of the scene might help.

Preview of Avalon 2023-11-14 12-25-50

So as you can see i chose a jar to do the thing but what happened is it created the end product in another jar and that is what is happening

i am pressing R key to create the object

i posted above
by claimable i meant the end product that is made in the jar
they are for selecting objects within the jar

Ok, so can you screen shot the events that create, or show, the object to indicate the jar has processed?

the processing part is above the first image

I’m guessing it’s this part. You’re checking the indicator and going through the jars but it’s not checking for which jar, it’s just using the first one that matches. I think you need to use your square selector or cursor.

button is pressed
indicator is tomato
whatever that selection box is called or player is in collision with the PreserveJar
your actions

If this action only applies to 1 jar at a time, then this wouldn’t need to be inside a for each object

well this is working now but i have another one which is not working even though i followed the same steps it is the same problem

What part isn’t working? What is or isn’t happening?

it’s the same as before for example i put the ores in one furnace and can still access it from another furnace
same thing happening for multiple instances instead of each individual

Under the changeobjectdown is clicked, there’s
CopperProcessing of furnace is 1

It then subtracts 1 so, the condition after that
CopperProcessing of furnace is 1
Won’t ever happen. The number will always be 0

Also, I don’t think you need the & and conditions. They’re really only used within an OR condition. Conditions are all by default.

I did but it is still happening i can still claim from another furnace and it even shows the same amount for every copy of it

I admit, I still don’t understand your process or what you’re doing.

Should this be “subtract 1 copper” and “subtract 1 coal” ?

I’m also wondering if the interaction enable/disable events are working. I think that part needs to happen before the click. The & and is not needed.

This would have to be done for each type

Let me explain

When the up button is pressed it subtracts 1 COPPER 1 COAL
and stores them in furnace variable temporarily i have removed and parts
and yes deactivating behavior is working

and in the next image when you press SMELT BUTTON it subtracts those temporary variables from furnace and then holds it another temporary object variable to be claimed

i know there must be a better way but how much i know this is what i was able to make

OK, so then should it subtract the copper and coal since it seems to be creating a smelted version

it was mistake i have changed it as you can see in the image above

Is it working after the changes?

Everything else is working but still the problem is that i can claim and modify the amount from any furnace