[Solved] Frogger: How to make player stand on logs

I’m re-creating frogger for my media class with Gdeveloper however my teachers and I are stuck. We have got the water to send the player back to the start but we can’t figure out the right code/behaviours to make the player stand ontop of the logs and not get sent back to the start. The player and logs are both objects and the logs move from one side the another. The game is vertical aswell (which is why I can’t get the platform behaviours to work). If you need any additional information I will try to provide it when I go school :slight_smile:

Why can’t you use platform on a vertical game? Set game resolution to fit the screen, and under game settings > properties set the orientation to portrait.

To get around the frog on log problem, I’m assuming you’re doing a check if player is in collision with water (or something along those lines). If so, create an 2 events just before the water check event.

In the first unconditional event, set a boolean scene variable (say called is_forg_on_log) to false.

In the second event, have the condition frog & log are colliding, with the action setting is_frog_on_log to true.

Then when you check if the frog is on water, add a condition that also checks if s_frog_on_log is false.

It worked! Thank you so much I really appreciate it!