[Solved] Game not starting after exporting it (Windows)

Hi! I have a huge problem with exporting and building my game, my game will just simply not start after exporting it to windows (manual, and gdevelop built-in builder). It’s not working! I don’t see any errors, messages - nothing. I’ve tried to track it with task manager, but all i can see is that it’s opening for a second and then it closes immediately. It works on web, mobile, and in previews. I’ve also tried opening it from setup, and zip as well as manually building it with electron builder and starting zip and setup also. I also have tried bulding and opening it on few other pc devices with windows 10. Nothing works. Please help!

If you run it from preview, are there any error messages when you check it in developer tools? Press Ctrl+Shift+I, a tab should open, then open the Console tab and check for any errors - they should be in red.

Rollback GDevelop


Rollbacking to the older version helped a lot! It’s working now.

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That’s great
Hopefully it stays this way