[Solved] GetArgumentAsNumber() not proposed in expression editor (This is intended)

I am working with 5.3.180, and I can’t find anymore in the expression editor the choice to get the function’s parameter (which writes “GetArgumentAsNumber(“ParameterName”)” when selected).

Is it that I am not searching in the right place ? Or is it a bug ?

They’ve been removed because like the new variable setup where you can just use the name when the variable is declared, you can just use the parameter name once the parameter is created.

In this example, I added the parameter speed. When you type s it starts to show the auto complete. Speed is the top choice. That’s all you need. Just type the variable parameter’s name.

Hide expressions GetArgumentAsString and GetArgumentAsNumber as they are now replaced by just being able to write the parameter name in an expression

It was in the release log.

Hmm. Ok, thank you.

That’s quite a change of paradigm, to have value not accessible from the expression editor, even if the writing its simple. I wonder if it will cause issues with beginners ?

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They could do better communicating. IDK how many people read the changes. There were a lot of changes.

Tween times are now in seconds and they added 2 new expressions that get the current value of a tween as a number from 0 to 1. The shape painter has 2 new shapes, a polygon and a rectangle with chamfer. Whatever chamfers are. I haven’t tried them yet

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