[Solved] Gravity Well - stop the spinning

I have adapted one of the gravity physics examples, but I am having trouble producing a more controllable gravity well, using Force. The issue is that using physics ‘force’ produces a huge amount of spinning and I am not sure the best way to control this. Example attached.

Google drive link:
Gravity well

blue rocket seems too happy :crazy_face:
the red one seems fine… What do you exactly want ro accomplish?

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The red planet object is the target for a force being applied to the blue rocket.
The red rocket is being controlled via keyboard inputs and has no red planet force applied to it.
The blue rocket is being propelled towards the red planet object by a force, the problem is using Force to direct the blue rocket towards the planet creates an enormous amount of spin. I would like to maintain whatever amount of angular velocity the rocket has, while still applying a force towards the planet.

My question is, what do I need to add to this to get that kind of movement - mimicking the Space War gravity well effect.

Double-click on that line and fix the spelling mistakes. :blush:
The blue button on the sides is here to avoid that.

? Sorry I don’t get it ?

The planet at the centre is supposed to exert a gravity-like force on the space ships, without affecting their angular velocity (spin). Unfortunately using “force” applies a significant spin to the ship (as you can see the blue ship spins a lot), the red ship has no ‘planet force’ being applied to it, it is just moving through player control with no pull towards the planet.

In the original physics example the spin effect is corrected by making the object always point towards the planet, in my version I can’t do this because the ships must be freely steerable as far as direction goes, even if they are being pulled towards the planet as a gravity well.

“Centre” and “Center” are both accepted, i see no errors.

I’am asking how sprite know forward direction ?
Maybe is this direction is not set the physic use a other value.

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Ah I tried your method and it made no difference, but as I did I spotted my error:


here is the corrected project:

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I’am asking how sprite know forward direction ?
Maybe is this direction is not set the physic use a other value.

The rocket is 100% using physics for movement, and keyboard controls, but it does work now as I wanted, merci!