[SOLVED] Groups and object hiding

Hi all! I’ll try to explain where I’m stuck as clearly as I can.

I have sprites in a Group with the Draggable behavior. I want to hide my “build mode” sprite when any sprite in the Drag Group overlaps. (I’m creating a Build Mode in my game and don’t want the player to be able to plop down sprites on top of each other, so I’m trying to “disable” the “build mode” sprite when items in the Drag Group are overlapping).

The problem is that all objects belonging to the group on-screen have to be overlapping before the “build mode” sprite hides itself, not just one set is overlapping. How do I make it so that if just one set of Drag Group objects is overlapping, hide the “build mode” sprite?

Figured it out!

I was checking for “If Group is colliding” and “if not colliding”, of course they would BOTH be true if there were multiple group objects on screen.