[SOLVED]Handcam effect

Hi folks!

First, I’ve updated the last post “camerashake”, with trigger buttons to action on and off the effect.

Thanks to Lizard-13!!

Now I am trying to create a handcam effect for a first person view, for menu choices, and some map arrangements. I’ve tryied, for sure, but no success. So, here is the file(with images), and commented. Can someone help me?

Here is the file:

  • the background image is poor, but I’ll render a good one in Blender for the final scene.
  • I’ve included a blink cursor, and a first person right hand( Keyboard A triggers it ).
  • when the cursor goes to the sides, the background image moves.

You have to add the actions to move the camera to the cameraTrack position:

(Move cameraTrack) Do = cameraTrack.X() to the X position of the camera (Layer: "bracos") Do = cameraTrack.Y() to the Y position of the camera (Layer: "bracos")
You have to do it for each camera with the effect, selecting the layer (and the camera number if you have more than one in each layer) :slight_smile:

If the problem is how to move the cameraTrack to have a soft move, maybe I can modify the shake effect :wink:

Hey! Thanks again.

Yeah, the real problem is the “soft Move”. I’ve tried many different ways, and for the last time, i’ve tried with the “force” drag, but cameras can not be an object to be dragged.

So, I’ve tried link the camera to another object, and the object is dragged by the “force” action… but… nothing. I’ve failed this mission. This smooth movement could not be solved by me for the camera( as it is not an object ).

Check if this is what you need :slight_smile: :
HandCam.rar (10 KB)

YEP! Incredible!
That’s it! Working great. Thanks again!

This is for a game project. Here are some screenshots rendered(low poly style):

When I render more frames for the scene 1, I’ll use your handcam solution and post here the gdevelop file!
Now working on read and write json(html5) and xml(local) for game texts(multilanguage). Hard work!

Looks great! :mrgreen:
Surely you are an artist :laughing:

Great. Though since it seems to be 3D game (unless it’s point’n’click), I’d suggest moving to Unity or some 3D engine (Godot maybe?). You’d be able to use models directly and it’ll make for better results, even if you’ll have to learn some things.

Thanks Lizard-13 and Darkhog,

Darkhog, yes it’s a point and clik, but not for all chapters. The main game will be a point and click game like “Superbrothers: Swords and sorcery”, but in a sci-fi world. So sprites can solve all things( I think).

Following the screenplay only two scenes are in “first person” like, but with no movement, just camera movement and some point and clik things.

By the way, I’ve tryed Godot here, in Debian and Ubuntu some months ago. Very interesting and powerful, but too much code for an animator and storyteller like me. My focus are stories and visual graphics to tell these stories. Gdevelop, scratch and other “logics bricks” like in Blender are the maximum that I can handle( for while ). But, thanks for the comments.