[SOLVED] Hello everybody, need help

Hello friends.

i am new with gdevelop and I really like it.
i am making a platformer game for my kids. I wanted to ask, when the player hits the ennemy, it goes to an die animation.

But I also want that the player dissapear after 1 second or so. Right now, the ennemy stays on ground in a death position lol.

Thanks for any help.

Hi, you have several options:

  1. You could delete the enemy just after the death animation played.
  2. You could use a timer if the dead enemy should not be deleted immediately.
  3. You could use the tween behavior if you would like to add some effect before the enemy disappears.

Thank you very much Drona.
I watched a video on youtube about that.

Thanks a lot and take care :slight_smile:

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