[Solved] Help needed swapping sprites

Why does this works with 2 sprites only? If I add more sprites, they don’t tween? Tiles is a group. I tried adding “for each object” with no avail.

So if you have 3 or more tile group objects on the screen it doesn’t work at all? Or only after the first 2 tiles have swapped places?

I made a tile and put it on scene. I made a second tile and put it on scene. They both work fine, even if I add other instances of these same 2 tiles. I made a third tile and added to the scene, but only the 2 first works. If I click on third and any other, the third doesn’t move or vice-versa. I removed the first 2 and added 2 instances of the third one, but they don’t move. Do you think the problem is the sprite? They were made exactly the same way.

Silly question, but has the third tile got the tween behaviour on it?

Yes. all of them have tween.

And the third tile has been added to the tiles object group?

yes all of them are in group tiles.
I deleted the third tile and I’m doing it again.

If that doesn’t work, then what happens if you run it with developer tools on? Are there any error messages popping up in the console tab?

It worked now!
Very strange.
First I removed tween behavior from the tile and apply it back, then my game froze.
So I deleted the tile and made another one.
Thanks anyway. I hope the problem is solved. I need to add some more tiles.