[Solved] How do i add a delay to my boss's attacks

How do i make it so that my boss cannot spam attacks

It is supposed to fire the circle of bullets, then wait five seconds, then choose the next random number for the next attack

The boss is just continually making a circle of bullets


imagethe continuous creation of bullets

Those event will get called every game frame while health point of Cold > 1500. That’s around 60 times a second. So that random number generation, on average, will result in 1 around 20-30 times per second.

That wait at the end of the subevent does not pause the parent event. It just waits for 5 seconds before executing any actions that follow within it’s scope. As there is nothing following the wait, it does nothing.

What you could be using instead is a variable and a tween, and tween a variable from 5 to 0 over 5 seconds. Add an extra condition to the first event checking that the variable is 0:

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this worked, thank you!