[SOLVED] How do I change the direction of the beam attack for my player?

Hi, how do I change the direction of the beam? For now it can only shoot in one direction and unable to shoot behind. The goal is just to make it shoot the other direction. Here’s a screen shot of what it’s like.

Can you post a screen snip of the events that fire the beam?

Sorry I’m new and i can’t upload two pictures at once

And how do you get the player to face left and right? Using flip horizontal or is there an animation for it (and if so, what is that animation named)?

I just use the player animation extension

One way you can do it is to move the centre point of the beam object to the left side of the image (so it’s middle left) in the object editor.

In the events, you’ll then need to check the animation of the player; if it’s right, create the beam as you do. If it’s left, create the beam at Player.CenterX() - 50 and rotate the beam by 180 degrees.

I’ve moved the center point of the beam but I don’t know how to check if the player is facing left or right. Could you send an example please?
(I tried the code like this)

There should be a check if the player is flipped in the conditions

Like this?

But I says that is flipped is not a condition and a lot of errors come out

One of them needs to be inverted but the error I am not shur why it is doing that

Try rebooting your machine. It just sounds like something has it’s knickers in a twist.

Also, here’s a slightly more concise way:

Thanks, it works perfectly! Thank you so much!