๐Ÿ”’[SOLVED]How do I create a number of emitters and have each of them follow one Bullet?

How do I create bullets with flame particles?

Because I have the flame particles and I have a working gun with bullet. The particl emitter follows the bullet but as soon as more than one bullet exists at a time the particle emitter all follow one bullet. How do I change this?

It might be useful if you could share the code or a screenshot of the conditions/actions used to create the effects.

I imagine you could fix it with a โ€œFor Eachโ€ condition or possibly with a matching object variable for the bullets and the particles, but itโ€™s hard to say what the best solution would be without understanding how youโ€™ve implemented the action.

Sorry if the code looks messy

Nevermind. I removed the repeat for each instance and โ€œchange locationโ€ of the flame particle to the position of the bullet.

I just added a permanent force to the flame particle in the same direction and speed as the bullet. Stupid mistake.Picture2

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here is a picture of the end result๐Ÿ˜‚ basically the player is a moving ball with a turret in the center that rotates left or right depending on the direction the player moves. The player can currently shoot, move, jump and Iโ€™m still struggling to get him to go up ramps using the physics2

Sorry, I know that this is a different question than the post was intended for but, how would I simulate and explosion when the bullet hits a physics item, like the stacked cubes in the picture?

How would I go about making them move away from the area of explosion to simulate an explosion?

good you were able to figure it out on your own :slight_smile:

As for myself, I havenโ€™t played with the physics part of gdevelop so not sure Iโ€™d be much help there