[Solved] How do I create a text-only health meter?

Hear me out, folks.
If you look at gameplay of Metroid, you’ll see that the main character’s health is measured not by a bar, but by an energy reading which starts out, at…well, the amount of health depends on what she’s picked up, but it starts out at full health. Let’s just say it’s 100. And whenever she gets damaged, it goes down by the amount of damage she’s taken.

How would I go about recreating this? I’ve tried to do a variant on the “score” from the platformer tutorial, but I can’t seem to wrap my tiny, tiny monkey brain around modifying text. Is there any way I can do this?

Hi !
look for this function. It is what i use to make the health bar.


I hope it helps.

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Yes, thank you!! Worked perfectly. :heart_eyes: You smart person, you!