[SOLVED] How do I keep a variable restricted to 0 and up?

So I have a variable controlled selector controlled by my scroll wheel.
When I scroll down, it selects the next object by variable number, and vice versa.
So I want to keep it to where the variable cannot go below 0 when I scroll back up, does anyone know a way how?

Here is a video showing 2 ways to do it Video - YouTube I’m also assuming your setup is similar to mine but i cant see your events so i don’t know, if i understand correctly this is what you want and this is how to do what you want(if i understood right)

those are them

okay make sure theres a trigger once i think

Try creating a sub-event under the scroll event to catch if the variable is <0 and set it to 1. Here’s a quick example.

So if the variable ever goes lower then 1, it sets it back to 1.