[SOLVED] How do I make *all* of the shotgun pellets do damage?

I just have a very basic system at the moment. When bullet hit enemy - subtract enemy health by 10.

And it works well for my pistol and machine gun, however, when I use a shotgun, enemies only get 10 points of damage. So, all of the pellets disappear, but only 10 damage is done. And I checked, if the pellets come one after another, like out of a pistol, they work fine, but if they all come out at once, it doesn’t work.
I just cannot figure where to even begin!

Should I space the pellets out over multiple frames? Should I try to see if I can count the number of pellets colliding with the baddy? Something with raytracing and angles? :man_shrugging:

what you need is a for each event.
you find it when you click on the + button on the topright.

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I am almost ashamed I didn’t know about that one. I just thought it was the same as “pick all objects”. That was exactly what I needed. Thanks!