[SOLVED]How do I make an object not heal player if the HP is full

Code for reference

if player hp is not full it interacts with an object and will heal the player
if the player is full hp the object will not heal the player and will not destroy the object even if it will interact with it
how do I tell the game to not destroy object

Check the player’s health.

key is pressed
heath points ≠ 100
collision with drink

Then heal and delete

Wouldn’t this conflict with my current condition? because I’m having it delete the drink if it collided and pressed E

or maybe I should make them a sub-condition?

No, just add the health to your current event.

I know I rearranged the order. It’s a habit. It’s best to arrange the events (when possible) by the amount of processing they use from lowest to highest. There’s no need to do the more entense conditions if the lower are false.

Oh nice, it worked perfectly I didn’t know it was this simple, I thought there was an action that just lets you not delete object that I didn’t know of!

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Actions aren’t trigger unless all of the conditions are true.You can use as many conditions as needed. They act like filters. If an object is involved then it picks the matching objects and the next condition uses that list of objects and so on. You might start with 20 possible objects and filter it down to just 1.

Except when using the OR condition. The OR sub-conditions are all tested but only 1 needs to be true.