[Solved] How do I repeatedly spawn an object after an animation is finished?

Hello everyone, I am trying to spawn an object every time an animation is finished and have it loop and keep spawning everytime.

I have an object I want spawned to the right of the screen after an animation of a sprite is finished in the center of the screen.

I want the sun to spawn at the right (off screen) everytime the phase of the moon is back to a full moon

any simple way of doing this?


Do the events you have shown not work? What does it currently do ?

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it doesn’t create any object

Is -998, 23 (where you create the sun) on screen? If not, create the sun at 100,100 first to confirm it works.

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yeah it still wont spawn at 100, 100

Is it big enough to be seen? From the screen snot and events screen snip, it does look like the moon object is quite small, and that has been scaled up to show on screen. Does the same apply for the sub object?

You can test this out by changing the colour of player_moon to red (255;0;0) inthe same event where you create the sun object. If the moon colour changes then the event is actioned, and it’ll be the scale or some other events that affect the sun object (or the sun image no longer exists).

Otherwise, if indicates the conditions aren’t met. Either the event you screen snipped, or some other ones if the screen snip is nested in parent events.

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ahh I see, thanks @MrMen that seems to be the issue, I just scaled it up to see if it was on screen and yep it definetly is now haha


I think I should avoid scaling everything up because I forget to shift the points and it causes a mess when trying to create objects too. so I learned two things thank you.

If you are scaling all the object, consider changing the camera zoom instead. It’s easier to do and you don’t have to remember to scale everything created.

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