[SOLVED] How do I save files using storage?

I’ve read some forum posts and watched some videos but I am still confused. In my game there are stars for finishing the game. From the beginning, you are supposed to have none. When you finish normal mode, you get 1 star, and in hard mode you get 2 stars. You get the star right when you finish the game in the game’s scene. How do I make it show on the title screen the number of stars a person has? I want the game to display this value every time the player loads up the game. I already have global variables set and everything, but that only works while the game is open.

This is the method I recommend for everyone. It involves you setting up a structure variable and storing the data you want to save as child variables, then saving/loading the structure variable: GDevelop Advanced Tutorial: Saving & Loading (Storage) - YouTube

I tried it out and from the looks of it, it works. Just one small thing, when I booted the game back up the stars didn’t show. Is this just because I’m playing through a preview, or is it because this type of saving doesn’t work like that?

never mind, I was being stupid and my code was messing something up. Everything works now