[SOLVED] How do I save the GD data into MySQL Database using POST Method in PHP?

Please can someone help me, this is for my final project :sob: :sob:

  1. I’m trying to follow this instructions : GDevelop 5 [GDevelop wiki] .

  2. Therefore, I changed the Hiscores.php to scores.php and HiscoresToUpdate.php to ScoresToUpdate.php

  3. But, I keep on failling and it keeps on showing this :

  4. Overall, what I’m trying to do is storing the global variables of each user, such as scoretotal1 and scoretotal2 into MySQL Database using POST Method in PHP

  5. FYI, I’ve been searching and reading all I found in the internet but I still get errors. And, it is sad because English isn’t my mother tongue so I get frustrated trying to figure everything out plus translating the language back and forth in my head.

PLEASE HELP ME :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

ps: If anyone needs the PHP code that I made and the GD code, email me at bunnylovessora@gmail.com

The code seems to be pretty simple, although it’s a security risk.
Can you look at your web server’s log files to identify the error that causes the 500 message?

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Hii, it’s all good now I’ve found the error and everything works the way I wanted! The code is really simple, I thought it would be complicated lol :blush:

Anyways, thank you!