(Solved) How do i tween an object to come back and forth?

I am using the upper event to bring an object to the screen from the right side and then send it back to the same place.
But if i press the button quickly it just keeps sliding to the left
Any idea how to fix it?

Whole magic to it is WAIT action + boolean variable to block switching before tween ended

Maybe you will need different value for seconds but i hope you get the idea

Hit ? Button on top of screen

Or you want to do this or the error is that you are using the same tag “toleft” for both tweens.


“easeFrom” is an invalid easing name (the action in the last event). Use a valid name instead.

Also you are using the same name for different tweens. Either add a “Remove tween” before the new tween, or give each tween a different name.

And it’s possible that the button click condition needs a trigger once on it. But that depends on how it’s implemented in the extension.

Thank you it’s working nicely!!! :smiling_face: :smiley:

Thank you for your reply it’s working now!

Thank you for your reply it’s working

Could you post what you did to make it work? It could help someone else who may come across this post and is interested in your solution.

I followed this.