[Solved] How to add a blue comment box?

How to add this blue comment? (“move camera” comment)

You can’t choose the colors actually in GD5, this come from GD4, this will be ported don’t worrie.
The people who use comment box with other color than yellow edit the .json file but i didn’t recommend to do this.
If you made it and you corrupt your file it’s your responsability.

I think he just wants to know how to add a group to his own events. :grin:
Click on the big + near the top right corner, and choose Group for the blue line, or Comment for the yellow lines.


Thanks Bouh. But i don’t want that.

Why on earth I didn’t click on the “group” option just to check what was that? :no_mouth::no_mouth::persevere:
By the way, thanks Gruk.