(SOLVED )How to add a dust effect when I jump and lands on a platform?

Hi guys. I want to put a effect that when my character jumps it will leave a dust animation behind. (“press a key” condition won’t work because I made my character jump at the end of timer.) And I also want it to leave a dust animation after it lands. I would really appreciate if someone could give me the events. I wish someone could help me. Thank you very much.

Some ideas to get you started:

Create a Object (sprite/animation) of the dust. Whatever Condition causes the player to jump (in your case that would be the end of a timer), add an Action that creates an instance of the dust object at an X and Y coordinate relative to your player so it looks like it’s near their feet. After the animation has played, delete the object. You can do the same thing for when they land (is falling, in collision with floor).

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