[Solved] How to add no conditions for a action

so i was making a game in which i wanted 3 random items to appear in random spots,50 times but i kept having problems in the repeat event
I wanted the conditions to be in a few of the statements(so i could do if a = 1 then Create object qwerty) and not in the rest(as in those I was assigning the random values,with empty condition blanks)but in the repeat it automatically put the conditions at the top,where I was assigning the random,which i wanted to be working with no conditions and didn’t work if i put them below.Is there a way so i can tell gdevelop that there is no condition with that action?
Sorry if i missed something obvious,I’m new to Gdevelop

Can you give a screen snip of your events? It’s tricky to accurately visualise what you’ve got.


so in the repeat I wanted the first three conditions to come after the first 4 action

Wait nevermind I think i got it wrong;I think the gdevelop checks if all the conditions are true,then it goes to the actions.What I should have asked was is there a was to add multiple events in a repeat loop

This has now been answered by @Drona in the follow up thread.