(Solved) How to check if cursor/touch is NOT on object

I’m using condition “The cursor/touch is on [object]” to change the color of Text and it works fine. But I want Text color to return to original when the cursor left the object.
How do I do that? Thanks.

Hi, for each condition there is a slider that allows you to invert the condition, for example:

You can also right-click on the event block and select ‘Invert condition’.

I tried to use Invert Condition, but it doesn’t work.

This event changes the white text to orange when the cursor is on the object (and it changes back to white if not):

The second event is the inverted condition, marked by the red arrows.

So I have to have 2 events. Thank you!

Yes, if you put both conditions in the same event block, they are in conflict with each other and nothing happens.