[Solved] How to make a custom keybinds menu

title. also if it isnt possible , is there any extension/plugin thingy to get it to work?
thanks in advance and apologies if the question is stupid

Absolutely possible, I spent a few days making one for a game I’m working on. It has assets I cannot share, otherwise I’d share the project file.

However, at a high level:

  1. Create global variables for each possible control you will have (left, right, attack, jump, etc).
  2. Populate those with your default controls (a, d, t, space, etc)
  3. Set up your controls to use variables instead of typing out the key.
  4. Create your scene to define the controls, and set up some events with “Any key pressed” as the condition, and the event of “Modify GlobalVariable “left” = LastKeyPressed()”. Use the expression builder to find the proper last key expression. You’ll also need to build out something to identify which key you’re updating, but overall it works fine.

Here’s an example of my controls conditions to use variables:

Here’s a peek at an example of my events for remapping one of the keys:

There’s a ton of extra stuff in there that’s unrelated to what you’re trying to accomplish, but just focus on how the Conditions of the first one are set up, and the “Change the text of global variable” of the second one is set up.


Thanks! I will close the topic now.